Value Propositions

Improves customer understanding and engagement

Collaborate with your team to understand the value of your product from the customer's perspective

Visualize the value proposition of your product

Customers buy products that either solve their problems or enhance their life in some way. With Value Proposition canvas, you can collaborate with your team to directly map your product offerings to the pains and gains of your customers. Then, the team can ideate on how to relieve pain and create gains for the customers and how it will differentiate your product from the competition.

Achieve Product-Market Fit

Project-Market fit is achieved by first finding an important problem faced by a large number of people also known as the market, and then elegantly solving this problem with your product. Wiith the value proposition canvas, you can visually keep fine-tuning your value proposition by incorporating insights gained from customer research and surveys and experimentations into your product's value proposition

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