Create realistic plans that align the whole organization

Collaboratively create roadmaps, prioritize work, and track progress of your big-ticket items. With Prodeasy's built-in feedback loops your roadmaps will always reflect reality

Bring order to product backlog chaos

Choose the best features for your product using impact maps. Begin by prioritizing your product functionalities around a strategy powered by user insights.


Confidently prioritize between competing needs

  • Use the visual canvass to relatively assign business value and efforts to work items
  • Customize your effort and value thresholds based on your context
  • Gain insights into what is worth doing now, vs what can be postponed to the future, and most importantly, what should never be done


Gain an overview of what’s happening when

  • Align around the business objectives, not just deliverables
  • Quickly see what is currently on plate, what is coming next, and what is in the future
  • Build consensus amongst the stakeholders

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