Know what your customers need

Brainstorm, ideate, and validate extraordinary ideas in one place.

Create a resilient and profitable business model

Test your value proposition for different target customers. Validate your assumptions with experiments

Product Vision

Paint a compelling picture with Vision Canvas

  • Inspire the product organization with a great vision statement
  • Envision the market segments your product will serve
  • Automatically create personas for these market segments
  • Explain what problem your product solves


Build insightful customer profiles

  • Buidl a concise yet substantial profile that with biography, quotes and demographic information
  • Validate your assumptions about the persona with experiments
  • Quickly organize customer information into goals to be achieved, gains, and pains

Value Proposition

Find the best product market fit

  • Map your product's main features to actual problems customers are facing
  • Define your product features based on your value proposition
  • Reduce rework by automatically connecting personas and value propositions

Business Models

Understand the business model in a straightforward and structured way

  • Quickly create an overview of your whole business plan
  • See how your customer, value proposition, revenue streams and cost outlays
  • Create a common language for your team that is centered around the value proposition

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