Precisely define your product requirements

Build high impact solutions that deliver what the users need. Eliminate waste, gain extra capacity, and deliver value faster

Connect product strategy to product plan and execution

Generate the product backlog from your ideated solutions. Define real requirements based on real customer problems

Story Map

Deliver product iteratively and incrementally

  • Visualize the whole product or parts of the product as a customer journey
  • Collaborate with the team to decide what increment will be delivered when
  • Quickly plan releases, add stories and features to them

Product Backlog Hierarchy

Use hierarchical backlog to create context and connection between work-items

  • Epics, Features and User Stories provide context depending on the type of work
  • Parent-child relationships between work items allow to connect the connection between larger and smaller work items
  • Get a quick overview of what teams are working on what product
  • See the rolled up status of various products

Impact Map

Build solutions that fuflill customers needs

  • Visualize the impact you want to have on your customer with each deliverable
  • Bring your engineering teams closer to the business
  • Improve the stickiness of your product

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